Music Theory for Sound Healers (7.5 hours)

No musical experience necessary! This course is designed for the sound healer who wants to further their education and develop their ears with a deeper understanding of sound, vibration, and tonality through the lens of Western and non-Western music theory.

Topics include:

  • an examination of music theory as sacred geometry
  • understanding intervals, scales, modes, and their effects on the mind and body
  • a journey up the harmonic series
  • in-depth analysis of various tonal systems, including the western major scale, and the so-called solfeggio tones.
  • how to apply your understanding of the above to your own sound healing practice

This course consists of lecture, demonstration, and group sound creation. Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of Sound Healing and Sound Metaphysics or equivalent background.

Register for the Saturday, May 6, 2017 class.

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