From some of our students:

The “Fundamentals of Sound Healing and Sound Metaphysics”  course provides a solid understanding of the interplay between Eastern, Western and Scientific perspectives of sound vibration. Marco uses his profound knowledge base in combination with his extensive experience with sound to create a unique workshop for those interested in traveling along their own sound journey. The hands-on portion of the course, using tuning forks, singing bowls and gongs through experimentation with guidance from Marco, was a meaningful way to put newly learned theory into practice.  A must for anyone who wants to raise their vibration! – Z. Baird, NYC

Just a note to let you know the class was great… you can always take the same class with different instructors and manage to take away different things from different people…you had something very different to offer and it is greatly appreciated…the fact that we had good energy helped…Susan made us all feel welcome and at home…she is just great..usually when I attend these type of events I am the only African American in the group which makes me feel a little out of sorts till I warm up to everybody…but I had none of that foolishness when I walked into that group…really nice and warm people… and I must say you have a way of radiating comfort…very nice…good class...I will looking forward to the gong class…so until then…. – Deb C., NYC

I want to thank you for the wonderful class. I  didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the sound healing class.  When the weekend was over I walked away with more knowledge about sound, music, Tibetan bowls and gongs.  I loved the fact that we all were able to work with the singing bowls and gongs.  I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in learning more about sound healing.  I am looking forward to a more intensive gong class.  You are a great teacher and very knowledgeable.  Thank you again for a great class. – Marie Zaccagnini, NJ

Thank you Marco, for inspiring us in your Fundamentals class and for sharing your insights, wisdom, musical talent and instruments.  It was a gift to be part of the Academy experience with other students from all walks of life, in all phases of their life’s journey, sharing profound moments of transformation and growth, while playing the singing bowls and gongs and using our own voices as powerful instruments of healing, for ourselves and others.  Thank you.  Looking forward to coming back to the Academy for your Music Theory Class!”   – Wanda Knapik, Bernardsville, NJ www.waveofhearts.com

The gong workshop with Marco was amazing. He teaches from the heart and shared his deep knowledge and love of the gong with us. Thank you Marco!”
– Lauren V., Long Valley, NJ


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