Our Approach

The goal of the Academy is to provide practical instruction on the use of singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments, while providing a larger context of understanding about the properties of sound and sound metaphysics.

We do not teach any single, formalized modality. We do teach specific  methods and techniques, but we also stress the fundamental concepts of sound healing and sound metaphysics, so that our students will be able to adapt the teachings and techniques to their own practices.

See our course offerings for detailed course content.

We believe in this approach because, while there is general agreement about the various effects and uses of singing bowls and gongs, there is (in our opinion) no single, formalized modality that is superior to all others. In other words, the science of sound healing is far from “settled.”

Because the singing bowls and gongs seem to have originated within Asian religious cultures, some contemporary teachers lean towards Eastern religious concepts. While there are certainly things to be learned from these religions, we assert that the phenomena associated with these instruments – the effects on mind and body – happen independently of any religious ideologies. In other words, one can deliver or experience the full effects of a singing bowl healing session without referencing any specific religion.

Therefore, we approach sound healing and sound metaphysics as a spiritual science, with the assumption that we, as sound healers, are all students and pioneers in this emerging field, and that the greatest discoveries lie not in the uncovering of ancient or obscure religious practices or texts, but lie ahead in the future through our continued investigation, experimentation, and application.

Metaphysics and Music

We incorporate “Metaphysics and Music” in our academy name because we believe these concepts enhance – and, perhaps are indispensable to – the teaching of sound healing.

To become an effective sound healer, one should have an understanding of the physical and metaphysical nature of sound and vibration.

When one begins to understand the nature of sound and vibration, one gains deeper insights into the nature of reality and the higher mind of the Creator.

In other words, when one learns about the nature and properties of vibration, one learns about the nature of the universe itself.

In this case, we use the terms “metaphysics” and “sound metaphysics” to describe the concepts of energy or consciousness that lie outside of, or  are ignored by, mainstream science.

We also incorporate “Music” in our academy name because we draw upon concepts and vocabulary from the Western music tradition that can be applied to describing the dynamics of sound and vibration.  In addition, we strive to promote a connection between the sound healing arts and the musical arts (see our course, Fundamentals of Sound Healing and Sound Metaphysics for the Western Musician).

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