Fundamentals of Sound Healing and Sound Metaphysics for the Western Musician (15 hours)

This is a two-day, weekend intensive designed to impart an in-depth understanding of the primary concepts related to sound healing and sound metaphysics, specifically targeted to the Western musician.  Participants are expected to have some instrumental proficiency and a basic knowledge of music theory or the ability to read music, as the course draws in knowledge of music theory, tonality, modality, etc. as it relates to sound healing and sound metaphysics. Participants are also encouraged to bring instruments for ensemble sound creation and meditation.

This course also  provides guided, hands-on, introductory-level instruction in the proper techniques and use of  commonly available  instruments, namely: singing bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, tingsha, ganta, and not least, the the human voice.

Other topics include:

  • The Art and Importance of Deep Listening
  • Vibration as the Primary Causative Force in the Universe
  • Physical and Metaphysical Characteristics and Effects of Sacred Sound
  • Introduction to Vocal Toning
  • Toning the Chakras
  • Understanding Consonance and Dissonance
  • Understanding Sacred Sound as an Energy Field
  • Introduction to Harmonics
  • Effects of Sacred Sound on Human Body and Mind

Students will also experience group toning sessions, group sound-making sessions, and sound meditations with the Academy’s master-quality singing bowls and gongs.

Be aware that this course is more than just a learning experience – for many participants, it proves to be a transformative event, often resulting in emotional clearing that can effect powerful personal shifts. Two days of focused sacred sound creation in a supportive and compassionate group setting can have a profound effect for all involved.

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